The hopmsg.com domain will be closed ! later you can useĀ  https://hopmsg.dataconsult.hu/
When to use:

1, IOT data exchange, simple data exhange for any IOT device just by opening a link!
Example: your IOT device is createing a message by opening a link:
Get your message from any device by opening:
You can create complete overview of your IOT device status by including the message keys into values, it will expanding until 3 levels, like:
ROOTKEY="My IOT dev. overview: uptime:|MY_UPTIME_KEY|, freespace:|MY_FREESPACE_KEY| end."
If the sub keys already stored before.

2, Simplest way to Send/Receive message from any kind of OS/browser/platform just by clicking on a link, only need to create an ID for your message!
Example: set your message by opening a link :
get your message from any device by opening:
You can create a message where every participant can only edit his own part by embedding the message keys into values, it will expanding until 3 levels, like:
EVENT_ROOTKEY="Who will take part: Joe:|JOE_PRIVATE_KEY|, Andy:|ANDY_PRIVATE_KEY| blabla"
Joe and Andy only can edit his own key without the complete message overview. (Android App to get/set it.)

3, Control your device (rpi,iot,etc) inside Nat/Lan
Example: set your command by opening a link:
check for commands to execute by the device every 10 seconds by reading/opening:

4, Basic monitoring system
Bash script checking uptime:
UP=`uptime | sed -e 's/ /_/g'`; curl "http://hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY&value=`echo ${UP}`"
and use the Android App or a browser to check the status of the device.

5, Get your IP address, the message source, poor man's dyndns :)
If you set some values, with src=1 parameter your IP and the UTC time also added to your message

Get it:

wget -qO- hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY > result.txt
to use with some script.

Only the basic html tags allowed in value!

How to use:

Create a random key like: 7rAHtzY9EvgXFaDPSxVUMiGfZ this will be "YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY" and keep it safe.

Set value:
Open this link in a browser: http://hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY&value=VALUE_or_MESSAGE
or use Linux script: curl "http://hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY&value=VALUE_or_MESSAGE"

Get value
Open this link in a browser: http://hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY or
Linux script: curl "http://hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY"
Linux script: wget -qO- hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY > result.txt

To convert your message (URL encode) use some URL encode/decode site like:

Set: Basic html URL encode example link (check the link target)
Get: http://hopmsg.com/ctl.php?id=YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY

Basic html tags allowed, scripts,etc trimmed.


Https can be used, for sensitive data use your own encryption before upload, and decryption after download.


Unique link to set your message (save your YOUR_UNIQUE_KEY !):
Get your message:

Why hopmsg?

- Not even registration needed !
- Security: The user name and the password is your random key protected by https.
- Platform independent, works on any devices what can make a http GET
- Works over NAT

Please, fair use !

Everybody responsible for his/her own messages, ip and other info could be logged!
By using you are accept: We will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind occurred as a result of usage of the site!!! ... so, don't control your nuclear power plant with this!

- Data stored only for 10 days ! Scripts can be used to refresh, frequent (less than 10 sec) refresh: ID will be deleted, you ip will be banned!
- Max key size: 1024 byte
- Max value size: 64k byte
Keep your key in safe!
We are using https to protect it!

Android App

Google Play, Android app to get/set messages!
Direct download